Who's That Girl?

Welcome to my blog!  I am not a cook by trade, but I would consider it one of my main hobbies. There is just something zen-like in the prep work, and the instant gratification of the final product can't be beat!

In real life, I am a veterinary oncologist practicing in Texas.  I refer to my significant other as "P". We just moved to Austin, TX in the last few months. It is a wonderful city so far, I am enjoying exploring it!

We have a dog and two cats. Xander and Lucas (the cats) are always very interested in whatever I am cooking and are usually hovering around the kitchen.

 Simon would hover if he could jump on the countertops!

I don't always create original recipes. I often save recipes from all the cooking magazines I get every month, sometime I make up my own, and sometimes I use cookbooks/other blogs. My blog is a melting pot of recipes. All types, all sources. Whatever I am cooking.  And a little bit of "other". 

I am also going to use this blog to get back into photography. In college, I had an SLR (Pentax K-1000 baby!) and way-back-when, before digital cameras came out, I had rows and rows of slide film. Mostly landscapes, some portraits. My goal for this year is to purchase a DSLR and re-learn photography! Right now, pictures for the blog are shot with an old new point-n-shoot digital camera. 

I hope you enjoy my blog, and I hope it will continue to grow!