Thursday, March 31, 2011

Caramel Apple Pie

Every week, I have a group of friends over to watch American Idol. We eat, drink, chat, and criticize. It's amazing. This week I made a dessert, the Caramel Apple Pie recipe I pulled out of the 2009 issue and had kept since.

Since I got off work, and didn't really have time to make a crust before company came, I will admit to cheating and using a store-bought crust. I will do better next time. I promise.

The only critique I have of the recipe is that the crumb topping is sparse. Now, I'm sure that helps keep the calories down, but if you are going for extra decadent, I would double the crumb topping. I also just had the regular-bad-for-you caramel topping (not the sugar free called for in the recipe) which was delish. I didn't add the salt, the caramel topping was enough. This is a pretty tasty pie.

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