Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Veggie Moussaka

So I decided to try the vegetarian moussaka featured in the March 2011 Cooking Light. You can find the recipe here. I love love love moussaka. Not sure how I will feel about the meatless version...feeling a bit apprehensive. Since I am in College Station this week, I am cooking for one. This is a good opportunity to make this dish, as P will not touch eggplant.

First, cut and broil the eggplant:

Then cook the onions:

The filling, instead of beef or lamb, is bulgur wheat:

Mixed with diced tomatos:

The final product:

The color of my bechamel is a bit off as I used wheat flour instead of white flour, and the lighting in my kitchen is bad. It didn't really come out that yellow. <grin>

The verdict: Pretty tasty. I will always like traditional moussaka best, but this is a solid vegetarian option. The bulgur wheat is actually a nice filling, and surprisingly good! I would change a couple things next time. The bechamel layer is a bit thin, so doubling the amount may be good. I'm sure they kept it thin so it wasn't so fatty, but who doesn't like bechamel? A bit more butter in the bechamel would also be a nice addition. But, if you are trying to stay healthy, it's decent as-is.
Until next time!


  1. So you so totally stole our quote!!! Thomas and i are planning on putting the dalai Lama quote on the wall of our kitchen!!! Good luck with the blog!!!

  2. yummy! will definitely try it :)


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