Thursday, April 7, 2011

Restaurant Review: Alborz Persian Cuisine

3300 W Anderson Ln Ste 303

Situated in a strip mall next to a gym, the roadside appeal is pretty low. Upon entering, they have the typical middle eastern decor on the walls, and we saw that on Friday/Saturday nights they have a belly dancer. The hostess immediately asked us if we had a coupon, which we did not. Not sure why they need to know that ahead of time!

The seating is average, bare bones. The dining room atmosphere is so-so. The belly dancer was quite good, and tips are collected at the end of her set which is classier than during the set. She did seem a bit out of place in the dining room though, due to the decor and the buffet.

I tried the Vegetarian Delights plate, P tried the Lamb Kebab with bagahli polo (rice with lima beans and dill). The veggie plate was good. The baba ghanooj was among the best I have ever had, the dolmehs were good. The only complaint I had was the hummus was sub-par, runny and grainy. P had the same complaint he has at any kebab place, which is that he wants a veggie on the side as well as rice. I enjoyed my meal, I would Alborz again (especially since the middle eastern cuisine is Austin is limited), but next time I would try one of the Persian stews for variety.

The verdict: Austin could do better...but if you are craving middle eastern food, this is an OK option.

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